My Rebirth

{July 21, 2009}   On politics and loved ones

I have never been a particularly confrontational person. I would rather not rock the boat, so I generally keep my mouth shut, especially on political matters. You always hear people say that you shouldn’t talk about religion and politics, because it can be a real hot button issue with people. That, for the most part, has been my motto. Why start an argument at an otherwise pleasant family gathering or party among friends.

And, when it’s been brought up, I have maybe stated my opinion, but I think I have pretty much stayed away from inflammatory language. I would rather change the subject, or joke about how politicians are all the same. Even when people in the discussion have not given me the same courtesy.

In the year 2000 I was a Democrat, but couldn’t bring myself to vote for Gore, so I did not vote in that election. When 9/11 happened, something inside me said, “Thank God Gore is not president.” I was hungry for news on that day, and as soon as I got off work, I turned on talk radio, KSTP. Bob Davis was on. I listened to him every day for the next 8 years. And slowly, my views began to change. More Conservative, more center right.

So, when Bush was up for re-election, I volunteered. I thought it was important. I didn’t agree with everything he did, but I felt it was important for someone who was strong on defense to be in the White House. I couldn’t believe the anger and hateful comments I heard when certain people found out my political views. Someone said they just wanted to throw a glass at my head when they found out I was volunteering. One person called Bush my “boyfriend”, and innumerable times I’ve had to listen to hateful inflammatory language about how he was the “worst president ever”. And I pretty much kept my mouth shut, because these were people I cared about. I just wished they would have extended me the same courtesy.

Now, however, the shoe’s on the other foot. I did not vote for this president. And I think he could go down as one of the worst presidents in history. Yet, I have mostly kept my mouth shut, because of the adoration people in my family have expressed. And I’ve been told outright, there will be no talking bad about Obama in front of my niece and nephew. So, I stay silent. Out of respect.

Except on my Twitter and Facebook. I express my political views on those accounts because I have like-minded people that follow me, and I want to share my views with them. But, then there’s the inevitable comment from someone who doesn’t agree with me. And they can be snarky. I just have to say, I don’t tell you what you can post on your wall, and I don’t comment on stuff that I don’t agree with, because it’s your wall and your opinion. I just don’t have to look at it. Or read it.

So this is a message to those people who would make a snarky comment or try to argue with me about my views. They are my views, and you don’t have to look at my stuff if it offends you. And I don’t go around arguing with everyone I meet and try to convince people to believe what I do, but I do have the right to censor you on my Twitter, my Facebook wall, and my blog.

Respectfully, Wendy


{July 12, 2009}   What a great week!

Ahhh Sunday, a day of rest! I’ve had a great week, or should I say week and a half….starting the Friday before July 4th. I’ve been busy almost every day since then, and now I am catching up on some much needed rest.

Friday the 3rd, I had the day off, and my friend Jon, his wife Tammy and their kids came to the pool. We had a real nice time watching the kids play in the pool while we did some catching up. Later, we threw some burgers and brats on the grill and had a good meal by the pool. I really enjoyed reconnecting with Jon and finding out what they’ve been up to.

Saturday was the 4th. I had a great time at Tanner’s birthday party and fireworks in the park, which I posted about here.

And then there’s Sunday’s post here, Hal and Lois arriving from Kansas.

Monday, I took the day off and invited my Cousin Jeff and his son Tanner over to the pool. Hal, Lois, Darrell and cousin Taylor joined us a little bit later. We enjoyed a day of fun in the sun and splashing in the pool. Afterward, we met up with Jeff’s mom, Michele and her husband Stephen at Carbone’s, a local pizza place just up the street and around the corner. Again, good times. I’ll have to share some pics in a later post.

Tuesday evening, I headed over to uncle Steve’s in Andover for another bar-b-que. As I pulled up, I caught my step-grandma just as she was getting into her car to head back up to Pine City. It was so nice to see her, even if just for a moment and to get a nice big hug from her. Mom was there, as well as my niece Casey and her fiance. The rest of my sister’s kids,  Holly, Denise and little Jerry arrived just in time for dinner. Jerry (or LJ as we call him), was very shy at first, but soon was running around with the other kids, playing tag and giggling. It was another nice evening of catching up. Again, I will post the pics in a later post.

Wednesday, the family went to the Twins game and I didn’t really feel like going, so I planned on having an evening of rest. Instead, I got busy creating Bob’s Twitter page and helping my neighbor Kraig set up his blog, which I have linked to under the “friends” category. Spike texted me later, and he stopped over after he finished up a day of painting. It was nice to see him too, as he’s been away for the last few weeks on Madeline Island. I got no rest on my day of rest, so Thursday I opted out of the family thing too and ended up falling asleep on the couch by 8 o’clock.

Friday after work, I drove out to Hal’s hotel in Maple Grove, and we hung out in the courtyard for a bit. Uncle Steve, cousin Ben, my sister, Shari and her two youngest (Denise and LJ) joined us. Later, we went up to the room and ordered Broadway Pizza (another great pizza place). We watched the Twins game and chatted about plans for the reunion until about 10.

I got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to meet my cousin Jeff for breakfast, which has become a tradition for us. It’s something we do everytime he’s here, and the one time that I was in NY.  Afterwards, we picked up Tanner and headed up to Wadena MN (about three hours north of the Twin Cities) for the annual Kuhnke family reunion. Kuhnke is  my grandma’s (mom’s mom) side of the family. What a blast that was!! Also deserves it’s own post.

So, WOW! What a fun and busy week! I’m exhausted! But, in a good way. My family, disfunctional as it can be sometimes, is such a blast to hang out with. We always have a great time and a lot of laughs! Can’t wait until the next time!

For now, though, I will rest.

{July 8, 2009}   Bob Davis Podcast


This is my friend Bob Davis. One of the best conservative talk show hosts in the country. He’s just created a page for his podcasts, you can subscribe to them in iTunes…I think they’re worth checking out! I’m always happy to plug my favorite talk show guys! There’s a link under daily reads/radio and one here. So, subscribe to it and get an education like I did! You won’t regret it! 🙂

{July 5, 2009}   Happy 4th of July!

Today was a great day! Went to my aunt’s to celebrate the 4th, and my cousin’s son Tanner’s 10th birthday. It was a lovely day. Jeff, Tanner and Darrell are in town from New York. Later, I went down to my neighbor Kraig’s apartment and asked him to walk me up to the park to see the fireworks show. He wasn’t really feeling up to it, but I managed to convince him, and I think he was glad I did. Here’s the video, you can hear him thank me at the end. I’m always happy to cheer my friends up 🙂

here’s some pics from the party earlier in the day

Tanner enjoying his moment in the candle light:


Tanner, taking a break from opening gifts to smile for the camera:


uncle Stephen and aunt Michele, lovely hosts:


uncle Darrell and Tanner:


cousin Jeff, uncle Darrell and me:


{July 3, 2009}   Miserlou

Gus ‘n Fin doin’ a little Dick Dale cover 🙂

{July 3, 2009}   Complete Control

For your listening pleasure. Love me a little Gus ‘n Fin! 😉

{July 2, 2009}   10 Years Ago

Ten years ago this month sometime, I bought the love bug. Now, I don’t know how to drive a stick, so I had to get an automatic. This had to be special ordered, so I had a bit of waiting before I could take delivery. The car I had at the time was a Dodge Aries *K* car that Spike’s friend sold to me for $600. As soon as I ordered the new car, I swear the K car knew it. And the problems began.

Over the weekend I will tell the couple of stories about the adventures I had after ordering the love bug.  Spike reminded me of the hilarity when I told him this story. And I thought it would be a great thing to blog about.

So, stay tuned.

{June 30, 2009}   willpower

Okay, so I’ve been EXTREME-ly lazy on the posting, going on Twitter too much. So, I have made a commitment to myself to post every day. My thanks to my five loyal readers who come on daily to check for new posts, especially you, JB.

My other commitment to myself is to begin the exercise again. I really want to lose 20 pounds by the end of summer, and the only way I’m gonna do it is to get motivated.

I hear my neighbor and one of my blogger friends  (daily read for me, check him out) talk about how they bike 50-100 miles a week and I think of what a lazy sod I’ve been. Do you like that? A little British term heehee.

Anyway, keep checking back. I promise to write a couple times a week, at least. And to report that I’ve done something active 🙂

{June 28, 2009}   I scream you scream


Now that it’s summer, we all start to crave ice cream more than ever, am I right? I recently discovered cherry Dilly bars and it’s kind of my favorite right now. Although nothing will ever come between me and my chocolate, so Dove unconditional chocolate pints will always be my number one.

I grew up in a small river town, Stillwater MN. Beautiful place to grow up! There was this mom and pop ice cream shop called Art’s that had these HUGE scoops. I think the place is still there, but it’s been a while since I’ve been to the hometown. Anyway, I spent many a summer day riding bikes up to Art’s to get a big cone. It was usually either orange sherbet, or strawberry cheesecake. The occaisonal trip to Dairy Queen, I would always want a peanut buster parfait.

And another fond memory was when we would hear the tinkling music of the ice cream trucks. We had a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and as soon as you heard that music, bats, balls and bikes would be dropped and you would hear kids running and screaming “ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!”

Ahhh childhood memories! What was your favorite ice cream treat growing up? And is it still the same today? Am I making you want to run out and get a blizzard now? Or a dilly bar? Hey it’s summer! The calories don’t count when it’s hot out 😉


{May 27, 2009}   Omigosh!

I know! I know! I’ve been so bad about writing. I hope everyone had a good long Holiday weekend! I sure did. : ) The pool opened this weekend, so I’ve spent a little time soaking up the vitamin D. They say it makes you smarter! Don’t ask me who “they” are ’cause I’m not sure. Heehee. Michelle and JB came to the pool yesterday, and then Michelle and I went to a BBQ at Tommy’s new place. Saw a lot of old friends there. It was pretty fun, luckily John & Shauna came so Michelle knew some people besides me. I saw my old friend Schnip, it was nice catching up with him. We dated for a short time back in 1990, and there’ll always be a soft spot in my heart for him. He’s an awesome guy. I’m definitely having him and his family over to the pool this summer!

All in all, it was a very good weekend!

et cetera